The Members’ Prize Show at the Cambridge Art Association

I was pleased to learn, just now, that my picture The Insect Barn was juried into this year’s Members’ Prize Show at the CAA.

"The Insect Barn." Los Angeles County Fair, September 2007
“The Insect Barn.” Los Angeles County Fair, September 2007

I had mentioned in a previous post that i consider this picture one of the most representative of my style.  So, when I like something it’s always nice that a juror or critic likes it, too.

I remember that day very clearly, six years ago.  As usual, these days, many people were hassling me for taking their photographs even though the Los Angeles County Fair is an extremely public place.  Street photography really is not what it used to be.  These people, though, were oblivious of me even though I was pretty close to them. That’s the way I like it. If a single one of them had noticed me or made eye contact with the lens, it would not be the kind of street photograph I look for.

I love every gesture: the beer can, the headache, the neck, the hip check, and the open arms saying “c’mon you guys, let’s go get some deep-fried Twinkies.”  The attraction, by the way, was to go into the tent, where they would let a giant centipede or tarantula crawl around on your arm.