A work from “The Clear Light,” at the 2016 National Prize Show of the Cambridge Art Association

I was pleased to learn this week that a recent picture, The Muster, was juried into the upcoming National Prize Show at the Cambridge Art Association and was awarded the first prize for photography.  The show is May 19 through June 23.

The picture is part of a new project I have been working on, “The Clear Light.”  Although I want to avoid the gimmicky look often associated with infrared photography, I also want to exploit the unusual clarity of pictures taken by infrared radiation.  Infrared has some special virtues besides clarity, actually, one of which is being able to take pictures at high noon and in other light that might be flat looking, with light and dark contrasts that give the immediate feeling of shadows and depth.

The Muster


The picture was taken on a partly cloudy day in a shady location.